What is the Speed of Dark? – The Preface of the Science Section

Most of us, if having learned a little physics, know that light travels at the fastest speed possible for a physical object. I don’t know how many people try to design or find an object that could break the speed barrier. At least, for me, the shadow flashed into my mind. It seems to be easy to make a shadow moving faster than light. How is this possible? Is the speed limit wrong? What is the highest possible speed of darkness?

I share this scientific video as the first post of Science Section in my blog because it doesn’t only answer the question of the speed of a shadow, but also introduces the meaning of science, which is educational and inspirational for those science geeks.

Albert Einstein once said, “As our circle of knowledge expands, so does the circumference of darkness surrounding it. Learning, studying, shedding light on a field of inquiry also reveals just how in the dark we continue to be. How many shadowy things there are left for us to illuminate. The diameter of light never exceeds the shadowy circumference.”

It is there that science begins where the facts run out, just beyond them. In our science journey, asking why is always the most powerful engine to drive us forward. Finally, I would like to use a quote from the video to end this article and to start the science section of my blog:

“Enlightenment leads to benightedness; science entails nescience.”

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