June 15, 2016     Some Improvements on the Website Layout

  1. Use a Reverse Proxy to accelerate the Google Fonts and Gravatar loading;
  2. Modify the the left sidebar to make it more concise;
  3. Remove the content sidebar and increase the width of the page so that it can show more contents in a line;
  4. Change the front page into a static one.

May 13, 2016     Follow me on Instagram

I have created an Instagram account to show selected pictures from Hao’s Blog. Welcome to visit my Instagram and follow me!

Click the following link to visit my Instagram:

Mar. 18, 2016     Visiting Hao’s Blog with Encrypted Connections

Now the HTTPS connections are available. In order to protect your privacy, the connections will jump to HTTPS from HTTP automatically.

Mar. 9, 2016     New Address of Hao’s Blog

Here is the new address of Hao’s Blog:

Jan. 28, 2016     HELLO WORLD!

January 28, 2016, I created my first blog.

Welcome to Hao’s Blog!
Feel free to write any comments, because when we cross the Great Wall, we deserve the world of the free!

The lantern of hope from the harbor still shines!